Potentially compliant with the Law

ARMagLock is a new patent pending AR-15 fixed magazine solution. It potentially allows New York, Connecticut, California and new AR-15 owners to comply with existing and proposed fixed magazine laws, potentially avoiding assault weapon registration within their respective states. Stay compliant with the laws. See our legal disclaimer for additional information.

Easy To Install

In no more than 10 minutes, even a novice AR-15 owner can install our part. Simply remove the OEM magazine catch or Bullet Button and install the ARMaglock with the easy to follow instructions included in the packaging.

Secure Locking System

ARMagLock engages the magazine so it stays “fixed” in the firearm, complying with the text of the newly proposed California law SB 47, and other states existing “fixed magazine” laws. To release the magazine, simply pull the rear tacticool takedown pin and open firearm action. Push the ARMagLock button to release magazine. Close the action and reinsert the takedown pin. Insert a new magazine and it is once again fixed in place.

There is no denying that ARMagLock is the perfect solution for your
AR-15 and AR-10 firearms.

With registration looming, our product will help you to avoid sending every piece of personal information to the DOJ for registration. Registration shall contain a description of the firearm that identifies it uniquely, including all identification marks, the full name, address, date of birth, and thumbprint of the owner, and any other information that the department may deem appropriate.

So Many More Reasons To Order ARMagLock

  • Creates a fixed magazine rifle or pistol (AR-15 platform)
  • Operates similar to OEM magazine release button
  • Easy installation and removability
  • Made of aircraft grade aluminum
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ARMagLock is the perfect AR-15 fixed magazine solution

And because it potentially avoids registration we guarantee you will love it!

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