Evolusion concepts, Inc. hired a firearms law specialist to analyze the regulations in California regarding the Department of Justice’s opinion on what constitutes “fixed magazine” and their definition of it. This document will impress upon you the reason we believe the ARMagLock is 100% compliant with the new 2016 California laws SB 880 and AB 1135. You can read the full analysis here:

Opinion Letter: Attorney ARMagLock Opinion Letter for CA


New York:

In our concerted and diligent effort to gain approval of the ARMagLock and protect our customers, we have spent over $2500 (legal, printing, and postage) mailing multitudes of New York authorities

Our legal counsel and firearms legislation specialists have completed an official mailing to the majority of the New York State Police, New York Sheriff’s, New York Chiefs of Police, NYAG and other affiliated law enforcement organizations. In aggregate over 350 letters were sent to various entities.

Our letter advocates for the official approval of the ARMagLock device, with compelling analysis and confirmation of the NY SAFE laws consent that the ARMagLock falls within the legislation as it is written. At the link below you will find a sample of the official letter.

Please contact your local LEO to impress upon them your concern for approval and gather any intel that may be of assistance in our fight for clarity. Additionally, we impress upon you to contact your local NYSP station commander and or sheriff and inquire about the letter we have sent. This will communicate the high level of interest in their respective jurisdiction. They may also render you a verbal decision as to their position on legality and policy if found on your firearm.

Lastly, please feel free to contact us with suggestions of other authorities we should contact for approval, or communicate back to us any information you glean from the conversations with your local LEO’s.

Letter to Contacts: NYSP, Sheriffs, NYAG Letter

Thank you for your continued support!


– All other competing devices were excluded from the analysis, including the Patriot Mag Release and AR MR2. We do NOT advocate the use of these devices via our analysis.
– This communication is not an official product approval by any authority within the state of California or New York.